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Why Work At Expedien?

Everything that is now real was once imagined

We believe in unlocking your imagination so that you can achieve your dreams. Our doors are open to thinkers, dreamers and doers alike. We foster creativity and encourage dialogue and discussion with our employees. Together, we can come up with ideas that deliver products that are distinct and niche. If you are a dreamer, join us!


The pursuit of excellence is what drives us.

If you are driven by the same goal, Expedien is the place for you. While we cannot guarantee that you will achieve all you ever hoped for, you will certainly find your workplace to be one that stimulates your intellect. If we manage to achieve that, we would consider the job done.

Innovate and Co-Create

We are inspired by how technology has re-defined people’s lives. Innovation is not just a buzz word, it’s a philosophy that we live and breathe. At Expedien, you will derive happiness from the projects that you undertake. And that is all the excitement that you will ever need. So come and have fun at work, because work is fun itself.

Live the Life

Live the life you love

We know you are human-so are we!! At Expedien we strive to make sure that our members achieve a work-life balance. The notion of a typical work day doesn’t exist at Expedien as our members have a liberty to work as per their convenience with our Flexi-hours system.

Your love for travel

Our clientele around the world will give you enough opportunities to satiate your dream, if you are a travelholic.

Why Work At Expedien?