Internet Management & Security Options (IMSO)

In today’s enterprise environment, the Internet network is susceptible to threats, Trojans, malware, phishing, and spam aside from data leakage. IMSO’s unified architecture provides network security, site-to-site, and remote access VPN. It features an ideal combination of essential security components like Bandwidth Control, Policy Maker, flexible URL/Keyword Filtering, Restrictions, Security, Web Caching, Firewall & VPN, Printer Control, and much more to enhance the productivity of an organization. It saves enterprises, the cost of purchase and support of multiple network appliances and reduces network-related calls, facilitating 24×7 security.

Features & Benefits

  • Bandwidth Management: Effective control and distribution
  • Site-to-Site and Remote Access VPNs
  • Faster Internet access with in-build DNS & Web Caching.
  • Antivirus & anti-spam
  • MIS reporting & trend analysis
  • Load balancing & gateway fail-over
  • Database storage, back up & restoration
  • Walled Garden support
  • Track IT resources: Internet, Printing, PCs.
  • Graphical reports to analyze network traffic, web content, printing patterns.
  • Protected and transparent corporate environment.
  • No dependency on third-party tools for management, analysis & report generation.