Digital Information KIOSK (DINFO)

Digital Floor displays help advance the efficiency & publicity of the Organization/ Government schemes, policies & benefits. Digital Floor displays have become so advanced that it can hold comprehensive statistics in a digital index of services, work done by the organization/Government Dept., make online changes in audiovisuals to relay the latest information.

In parallel to above-mentioned stationery display mediums, a dynamically controlled medium of information dissemination, thru a central location will be a much more effective publicity mode.


  • Cost-effective in the long run.
  • Centrally controlled execution of DFD publicity/message display.
  • Easy propagation of message in multimedia mode to public at places like Railway stations, Bus stops, Airports etc.
  • Effective showcasing government work done, Development, program like rural development, employment generation, Allowing public to access schemes, subsidiary-related information.
  • Reducing the operational cost of outdoor publicity with increased effectiveness.
  • Providing 24X7 display of dynamically scheduled information/message.
  • Centrally published/deployment of advertisement/information contents to specific Digital Floor displays as per play/slot schedule.
Digital Information KIOSK (DINFO)

Proposed Digital Floor Display