Human Resource Management

Expedien’s HRMS is a comprehensive solution, which manages and delivers entire HR related components through a single system that is fast-paced and cost-effective for an organization. A single integrated system that administers the entire HR practices like recruitment process, employee details, employee appraisal, payroll process, salary slip generation, detailed bank statement to be sent to the bank, PF, loan, ESI, and conveyance as per the vouchers.

The system also optimizes the recruitment process; beginning from the initiation process of the recruitment i.e., issue of the advertisement, receiving of the applications, appearance in the interview, and results to the date of joining of a particular employee - at the click of a button.

Expedien's HRMS software is being employed by many universities and organizations around the world to standardize their human resource management operations.

  • Track and manage employees efficiently
  • Process automation
  • Promotes communication


  • Recruitment
  • Payroll
  • Leave Management
  • Appraisal
  • Training
  • Tax Management
  • Pension Calculation
  • GPF Calculation
  • MIS Reports