Integrated Hospital Management System (IHMS)

The Integrated Hospital Management System will help the health administrators of Hospitals to exercise an enhanced monitoring control over the functioning of Hospitals/Primary Health Centers

IHMS process includes the creation of a system of

  • Online registration
  • Simplification of the diagnostic process through single sample collection
  • Setting up of standardized administrative formats
  • Setting up online inventory management
  • Adoption of standardized biomedical waste management and the proper management and allocation of human resources.

It will also facilitate the monitoring of pre-defined health indicators by generating periodic reports for the hospital management as well as state-level administrators.

Features of the IHMS:

  • It is a web-based and workflow-based ERP
  • It enables faster diagnosis with ready-made templates
  • It allows for defining authorization rights for critical transaction approvals in order to enhance security levels and prevent unauthorized access to the system
  • It is open to the high level of configuration and can be easily customized as per the need of the hour
  • Built-in BI & Analytics engine for better decision making
  • Effective Queue management @ Hospitals and Health Centers
  • GPS enabled Ambulance-cum-Mobile Hospitals for better health Services
  • Ad-Hoc Reports generation
  • HRMS & Payroll system for managing salaries, Promotions, Transfers, leave, etc.
  • Biometric attendance system at Hospitals and Health Centers for effective tracking of employee attendance
  • Finance, Budget and Bill Tracking system at each level with drill-down reports
  • Surveillance System to track the activities of Hospitals and Health Centers
  • Present various activity dashboards to the top administrators for monitoring and intervention, if required.
  • Personal web page for staff that gives them the personal details regarding their own activities and profiles.
  • Policy /roles based authentication and authorization
  • Log management at each level
  • The customizable system as per end-user requirement
  • Scalable enough to handle extreme concurrent user loads
  • The system can be integrated with Smart Cards, Biometric Devices for Attendances, and RFID
  • Built-in email and SMS alert engine
  • Cloud-enabled 24*7 access of application/services