GPS Based Vehicle Tracking

GPS Vehicle Tracking System or GPS Tracking/Satellite Tracking System provides location and time information in all weather conditions through the device attached to a vehicle such a bus, cars, trucks, cabs, taxis. They are highly effective for enterprises/individuals to gain real-time vehicle location reports by utilizing geographic position and time information from Global Positioning Satellites.

How it works?

GPS receiver inside the tracking device captures the location of the vehicle. The tracking device is most often a hardwire installed in the vehicle; connected to the ignition switch, battery, and antennae where it pinpoints the vehicle location and then transmits the updates at a regular timed interval to the servers. All kinds of data whether ‘live’ or historic are made available for viewing via a website and can be accessed over the internet using digital maps & reports.


Once the system is installed in the vehicle, the concerned department gets real-time updates on the movement of the respective vehicle along with its current location. The Department also gets to know more about the driving behavior of these vehicles, the route is taken, route or territory breach, and other crucial details for efficient analysis.


  • Comprehensive tracking of vehicles’ location and movement.
  • Receives alert messages in case of route breaches and diversions.
  • Concerned departments are informed about the position of their goods, vehicles, drivers & passengers.
  • Instant help for drivers to find the nearest service station.
  • Protection and recovery of vehicles against theft and other bad events.


  • Add-on security including Integrated Panic Buttons etc.
  • Crisis Management in case of unfortunate events.
  • Transparency in operations and inventory management.
  • MIS - Extensive Reports help in statistical analysis, monitoring, and detailed planning.