Manpower – Technical Resources Offshore/Onsite

As a global operator, our trained technical resources are able to mobilize and take charge of a variety of roles in a short span of time ensuring smooth and seamless operations. Depending upon the the client’s requirement, we can outsource the technical resources as well as set up an Offshore Development Center (ODC) to ensure operational continuity while delivering quality service at an effective cost. We believe in delivering the services as per the client’s culture and skills. During the tenure of OCD, the team works on clients projects only where they are provided with the flexibility to choose equipment’s and technology as per the client’s requirement.

Expedien has over a decade of experience in successfully providing technical resources offshore/onsite in various technology-dominant areas.

  • Project management with utmost quality and lesser cost.
  • Flexible to work in different time zones for quicker delivery.
  • Availability of staff within no time, hence saving recruitment headache.
  • Better focus on other domains which were hampered due to financial issues.
  • ODC will act as an extended team for the client assuring full control.