Security & Surveillance System

Expedien’s Security & Surveillance System (ESSS) is an end-to-end solution for data and physical security to enhance the smooth functioning of operations, growth and innovation against all potential threats.

Data Security System

Safeguard your online and offline data with us! Extremely comprehensive and easily configurable; Expedien’s data security system protects your data or brand against all internal and external threats and challenges. The system is designed to help organizations in operating cost-effectively while reducing the risk.

Potential benefits

  • Multilayer protection against evolving threats.
  • Full control on data access for further exploitation.


  • Highly advanced and easily configurable.
  • Reduced risk of regulatory noncompliance.

Physical Security System

Plan a full proof security for your store, work place, house or city with Expedien’s ESSS! Latest technology and unmatched service support helps you to keep vigilance 24*7 against all internal and external potential challenges. The system favors the organization in terms of strong surveillance, real time data capturing and transforming it into valuable business information. It also captures minute data that often plays a dominant role to detect a criminal or crime.

Functionalities and benefits

  • Lip synchronous audio on live stream.
  • RFID and Motion sensor
  • No data loss. Innovative decentralized concept means No DVR / No Server required.
  • Rugged intelligent Camera - no moving part, shock & vibration proof camera. Prevents shoplifting and employee theft.
  • Inbuilt memory card and USB port.


  • Consumes less bandwidth. It can transfer images on 3G or Wireless or through Satellite communications in 256kbps stream.
  • System is cost effective, reliable and almost has zero maintenance. No need to clean the lens of Camera, no dust particle accumulation, no Water droplet, no Cement or Coal particle will stick on the lens.
  • Helps in weather forecasting.
  • Remote communication system