Urban Development Solution (UDS)

Expedien’s E-Governance System for Urban Development is a turnkey solution specifically designed for cities. The solution brings unprecedented levels of sustainability and efficiency to human conglomerates. It induces better project monitoring and enhances operational efficiency along with speedy redressal of needs and grievances of the citizens by municipal corporations.

A true enterprise solution which integrates functions across an organization and enables effective E-Governance, coordinates with the existing systems, processes, flows, financials, documentation procedures, cashiering, field data collection etc.

Hi-tech Microwave Wireless Radio Networking Setup establishes the inter connectivity among all the offices.

Benefits to Municipal Corporation Benefits to Citizens
Substantial increase in revenue Complaints Redressal System
Road towards the most hi-tech urban body of the country Quick & easy access to required information
Prevents tax evasion Easy taxation
Better project monitoring & operational transparency Time saving
Self -sustainable Timely issuance of requisite certificates/licenses
Independent access to desired information
Motivated staff with corporate work culture

Solution aids in computerization of departments like

  • Tax Assessment: Property tax and other government taxes.
  • Social Welfare Schemes: Disbursement of old-age pensions, family pensions, widow pensions, etc.
  • HR, payroll, administration
  • Licensing and Certification: Birth/Death Registration, domicile, caste etc.
  • Purchase and Revenue
  • Legal Section
  • Fire Brigade
  • Zoo
  • Building
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