Rural Empowerment Solution (ERES)

In rural areas, computerization and automation is the key to success for sustainability and growth. More than half of the Indian population is residing in rural areas which is largely scattered and governed by the ‘Panchayats’; also deemed as first level of government. It is crucial for taking development initiatives and strengthening the livelihood of the population living in these areas.

Given the humungous prevailing structure, it becomes imperative to look for automation of Panchayats to ensure the in-sync functioning of rural areas with the changing pace. Expedien’s rural empowerment solution aims to promote sustainable IT solutions for improving the quality of life in rural areas by providing digital connectivity for need-based services, monitoring of funds and developmental activities

ERES Highlights

  • Refinements of Integrated System of Management and Account
  • Intranet based software for better MIS

Modules across the services & management functions within Gram Panchayats

  • Computerization of Panchayat accounts.
  • Centralized collection of data.
  • Inter-connection of Panchayats with Head Quarter.
  • Provision and installation of specialized hardware/ software.
  • Networking of HQs with Zila Parishads, Panchayat Samitis & Gram Panchayats.
  • Data-Center at HQ.
  • End to End connectivity over Digital Radio.
  • Sufficient Bandwidth for Video Conferencing and transfer of data.
  • Video conferencing capability for live interaction.
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