Online Liquor Solutions

Mobile Application to Deliver Liquor Instantly.

  • Ordering Using Mobile App
  • Instant Payment
  • Payment on Delivery
  • Locate Near By Store
  • Mobile Applications
  • AI / BI / Edge
  • Accurate Data: Weigh your inventory and automatically transfer weights with a USB scale or use voice command to enter data.

  • Control costs: Get control of beverage and food coast by finding where waste is happening so you can stop those product losses.

  • Optimize pricing: The built-in pricing features will cost out perfect product prices, profit margins and optimal cost percentages.

  • Perfect orders: Order management makes placing vendor orders a breeze with dynamic pars and instant order creation.

  • Actionable insights: Analytical reports are calculated each inventory period that help make smarter inventory decisions.

  • Analyze losses: Compare your register sales with the theoretical sales and find out how much profit is being lost to bartender theft.

  • Beyond support: We don’t stop at basic support, your support team helps you understand inventory data and how to use it.

  • Simple setup: Export product data from POS and enter it in a few clicks. Need help just contact our support team.

  • Intuitive design: Powered by Excel data is organized and output into simple spreadsheet grid formats you’re already familiar with.