UiPath, the Robotic Process Automation tool for large-scale end-to-end automation

3 August 2023 | Expedien

Data Entry and Validation: UiPath can automate the process of entering data into the ERP system. UiPath bots can extract the data from these forms and enter it into the ERP database. UiPath, the Robotic Process Automation Additionally, the bots can perform validation checks on the data to ensure accuracy and consistency which reduces the likelihood of errors.

Order Processing: In an ERP system the orders are crucial for business operations. UiPath bots can be configured to automatically process the incoming orders. They can read order information from emails, online forms or other sources and then enter that data into the ERP system. The bots can also trigger follow-up actions such as order confirmation emails or updates to the inventory.

Inventory Management: Inventory management is another critical aspect of ERP systems. UiPath can assist in automating tasks related to inventory management. The bots can update stock levels based on data from suppliers or warehouse systems, they can also monitor expiration dates of perishable items and generate inventory reports for better decision-making.

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