EINTITY (ERP, SCM and CRM Suit of Enterprise Expedien Products)

Integrated University Management System (IUMS)

Integrated University Management System (IUMS) is a business

Onscreen Evaluation Based Examination System

OSES revolutionizes the examination process through a web based.


A comprehensive web based portal designed for veterinary doctors

Digital Document Circulation (DDC)

Digital Document Circulation (DDC) is a smart web-enabled system.

Transport Management System (TMS)

Expedien’s web based transportation management system is a full- fledged.

Public Distribution System (EPDS)

Expedien has devised a comprehensive Public Distribution System based.

Rural Empowerment Solution (RES)

In rural areas, computerization and automation is the key to success for

Urban Development Solution (UDS)

Expedien E-Governance System for Urban Development is a turnkey

State Mining & Geology Department Solution (SMGDS)

An integrated enterprise management solution designed to meet.

State Forest Corporations Solution (SFCS)

An e-Governance system covering operations and functions that.

Defense Solution (EDS)

Expedien’s e-Governance system for Defence corporations is a

Museum and Art Gallery Solution (MAGS)

Expedien Museum & Art Gallery Solution is one comprehensive.

State Development Authorities Solution (SDAS)

Expedien’s state-of-the-art enterprise solution for the State Development


Connect & facilitate to your customers from anywhere

eDRMS (Document Repository Management System)

eDRMS document management software builds a highly valuable repository

eNGAGE: The Digital Workspace for employee eCollaboration

Digital Workplace tailored to your needs

Integrated Hospital Management System (IHMS)

The Integrated Hospital Management System will help the health administrators of Hospitals

e-Learning Suite (eLMS)

e-Learning Suite opens a repository of information and communication.

IT & Infrastructure Products

Biometric Smart Card Solution (BSCS)

Expedien hi-tech bio-metric smart card is designed to provide a unique.

Data Digitization & e-Book Management

Digital transformation of data is one of the advanced ways o accelerate.

Internet Management & Security Options (IMSO)

In today’s enterprise environment, the Internet network is susceptible.

RFID Based Library Automation (LARFID)

Library Automation System induces effective management of the overall.

Digital Information KIOSK (DINFO)

Digital Floor displays help advance the efficiency & publicity of the Organization/ Government schemes

Smart & Virtual Class (EZZY)

Smart Class rooms are a gift of digitization to the world of education. Replacing boring black-board teaching