Solution for The State Industrial Development Authorities

Expedien’s state-of-the-art enterprise solution for the State Industrial Development Authorities is a web-based solution with an exhaustive number of modules that facilitate all departmental functions beginning from Land Administration to Office Management.

The IT-based solution harmonizes with the existing business functions like a land allotment, financials, documenting, cashiering, etc. to enable the State Industrial Development Authority, in becoming a seamlessly functioning entity. The main aim of computerization is to automate and standardize the operations across the departments, zonal offices, and other related entities working under the State Industrial Development Authority. It will help them to access the information on need-to-know basis on a single platform in real-time.

An integrated online web portal is developed for citizens where they can access individual accounts anytime, anywhere and get updates regarding their dues, payments, and records.


  • Promoting and bridging communication between citizens and the Authority through multi-level and multi-location interactions.
  • Easy access to documents, receipts, payments, news, events, and advertisements published through database-driven interfaces.
  • Helps authority to respond faster while managing database and file movement.


  • Establishes a streamlined flow of information within the departments and citizens.
  • Utilizes Information Technology in developing corporate governance within the authority and helps in uplifting social standards.

Modules Offered

  • Land Acquisition, Management & Planning
  • Allotment of Assets of Development Authority
  • Human Resource Management System
  • Financial Management
  • Project Management Information System (PMIS)
  • PMMI (Procurement, Material Management, and Inventory)
  • Legal Information System
  • Office Management
  • Digital Document Circulation with e-Note Tracking
  • Internal Messaging And Communication System


  • Grievance Management System
  • E-Tendering
  • Asset Management
  • Right to Information
  • GIS Application for town planning and monitoring
  • Vehicle Management
  • Visitors Entry Pass Management
  • Identification Monitoring through Biometric Solution
  • File Tracking through RFID
  • Document Management System