Public Distribution System (PDS)

Expedien has devised a comprehensive Public Distribution System based on Smart Card Technology which completely replaces the paper based ration cards. Smart Transaction Terminal (STT) for Fair Price Shop/Ration shop owners, serves as a single integrated device to perform sales transactions of essential commodities to the eligible families.

A foolproof and secure system, it induces objectivity and transparency in the entire process of Estimation, Allocation, and Distribution of essential commodities.

PDS Highlights

  • Aids timely and need-based allocation
  • Prevention of alarming diversion of essential commodities
  • Induction of accountability in operations
  • Reduction of the redundant workload of department employees
  • Electronic security and control of confidential data
  • Dissemination of information as per public requirement
  • Protecting the interests of genuine stakeholders

Modules Offered

  • Digitization of Ration Cards
  • Issuance of Smart Cards
  • Smart Transaction Terminals
  • Automated rationing