eVet is a comprehensive web-based portal designed for Veterinary Doctors, Experts, Retired Veterinarian, Teachers, and Diploma Holders to share information and knowledge through optimum and holistic use of Information Technology. This portal will facilitate broadcasting of Veterinary related information with the help of Articles, Presentations, Videos, Images, Discussion Forums, Blogs, Vetipedia (WIKI) & Online Conferences.

Disease Information system

A complete encyclopedia for Animal Disease will be available to the user to help them Identify and Diagnose a Disease, and Suggestive Medicines, their contents, and the available brands. Users can access the Disease Information System with details like Symptoms/Diagnosis/Prevention and Control for Treatment of a particular disease. The suggestive treatment and prescribed medicines are available to the Veterinary Experts/Doctors only.


Veterinary Hospital & Diagnostic Center

Diagnosis Centers will run under the Veterinary Hospitals where Livestock/Pet Owners can reach the Diagnosis Center, where the Center Member can register the case online with observation and finding details. After registering the case Center Member will share the case details with the available Doctors/Experts online or through Email & SMS. Doctors may respond to the case Online/SMS to the Diagnosis Center Member and the Livestock/Pet Owner with suggestive tests or treatments. In this way, Veterinary Hospital will maintain the case history of each patient.

Knowledge Management

Users can access the Knowledge Sharing System; Vetipedia, Blogs, Forums, etc via Knowledge Management. A user, who wants to share or contribute some information, will send the content to the Moderator or Editor first. After the review & approval from the Moderator/Editor, the content will get published.

knowledge Management (KM)


A Wikipedia of Veterinary terminologies, called, Vetipedia is also an integral part of the portal, and where veterinary related various topics will be updated on the portal from time to time by selected Veterinary Experts and these topics can be further searched by the users via keyword.

Artificial Insemination Cell Management (AICM)

Maintain various activities of AI cell like Case Registration, Semen Inventory, Pedigree of Animals, etc. using Artificial Insemination Cell Management (AICM).


Features of eVetconnect

  • eVet streamlines Veterinary Hospitals & Diagnostic Centers.
  • Centralized Animal Disease Information System for livestock species for example: Epidemiology, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention, and Control.
  • Web/Video Conferencing System named Vet-Conferencing.
  • Online Case Registration.
  • Electronic Medical Records of the Animals [Owner & Animal Details, Tentative Diagnosis, Observations, Investigations, Lab Test Details, Prescription Details, Final Diagnosis, and Surgery/Postmortem can be accessed in a single click.
  • Integration of different units of the Hospital.
  • Online appointment facility with the Doctors is available for the Livestock/Pet Owners.
  • Generation of various certificates like Risk Note, Lab Tests, Monthly Disease Report etc. from the Veterinary Hospital Module.
  • Creates an intelligent and timely Information Flow System generating smarter decision-making.
  • Motivates the staff, induces greater control and enhances the reputation of the Medical Institution.