Smart & Virtual Class (EZZY)

Smart Class rooms are a gift of digitization to the world of education. Replacing boring black-board teaching with visually stimulating graphics and videos, it stimulates the students and teachers alike, making learning and teaching a fascinating and enjoyable process.

Content is created digitally and is taught interactively through live experiments, diagram, maps, and 3d objects. There is no end to the creativity that teachers may use to deal with the subject matter. Imagine being able to view the metamorphosis of a butterfly, or demonstrate a complex theorem.

The Components

A portable, interactive white board system with a multitouch touch screen. The software does away with menu-driven commands and recognizes gestures and responds accordingly. With a size of 3”X2”X1.5”, and weighing under 300 gms, the board is about 100 times lighter than the normal white board. Also, teachers can operate from anywhere in the room.

Visual Touch Optical Tracking Engine allows users to access digital information, multi-media content and manipulate special effects.

Key Features

  • Makes realistic geometrical constructions with tools like compass, protractor and ruler.
  • Ink-recognition software transforms handwriting to computer text.
  • Shape recognition easily creates from simple to complex geometrical shapes like circles, triangles, rectangles, hexagons etc.
  • Supports Windows 7 Multi Touch and Multi User capabilities allowing you to rotate, scale, slide, and move objects on the board in a natural way.