Digital Document Circulation

Digital Document Circulation (DDC) is a smart web-enabled system, which is envisaged to create a ‘Paper-less organization’ using automated workflows. DDC has three key components: Document Administration System (DAS), Internal Messaging and Dashboard. These components can create and track documents and e-note sheets circulated in an organization within fraction of a second. Documents can be created and moved at various levels and accordingly, users at each level can view, approve, reject, and add comments, to the respective document. Further the users can also add attachments, images and multiple documents.

In a paper- based office set up, considerable time is spent in retrieving a paper file or a file note, performing an action on the same and then re-archiving the file. By implementing Digital Document Circulation system in your office, you not only reduce the time and cost of managing documents but also improve the workflow along with an enhanced security model.

Document Administration System (DAS)

  • Get predefined/user defined templates for E-Note Sheet and Letter
  • Scan a document and feed it into the system
  • Create multiple approval levels to circulate document(s) in workflow
  • Type comments and recommendation, attach documents, graphs, images or multimedia files
  • Send for consent, query and modification
  • Track documents via search words
  • Archive documents
Digital Document Circulation
Digital Document Circulation

Internal Messaging System (IMS)

SMS Alerts & Email: System generated SMS messages and emails are sent to the next level of approval.

  • Outlook based system
  • Internal communication, sharing of data & virtual conference.
  • No need for human interface dashboard
  • User specific configuration
  • On screen status of documents & processes
  • Complete life cycle of documents
  • Real time information of documents, multiple user activities and easy to read interface